Fair Friday Finds : Bark Thins

So, with October just around the corner, I thought it was perfect timing to highlight this tasty fair-trade treat I recently discovered.  Have you ever heard of Bark Thins?

This stuff is not your usual bark candy.  It is delicious, perfectly broken up in smaller pieces for snacking, and all of the ingredients are fair trade.  And The Hubster approves (he is the chocoholic-chocolate connoisseur in our house)!

I found this (now empty) bag at my local Target on clearance.  I looked the company up to see what other goodies they might have and found a plethora.  While I'd like to assume it's a given, I appreciate how the company explains on their site what Fair Trade Chocolate is:

"A Fair trade chocolate label guarantees consumers that the farmers who grow the cocoa beans we use in our chocolate are getting paid a fair price. It also means that they are following good agricultural practices and are investing in their farms and communities. Under Fair trade, farmers can increase their incomes and gain access to better education and healthcare for their families. All of our Dark Chocolate flavors are certified by the Fair Trade USA organization."

And how they explain what the Cacao percentage means for your chocolate:

"The “percent cacao” refers to the percentage of cocoa solids in a product. Cocoa solids are all of the ingredients from a cocoa bean. Chocolate that has a higher cacao percentage has more cocoa solids and cocoa butter in it than others, which means the chocolate will be darker and more strongly flavored since there is less room for sugar and other flavorings in the product."

Check the company and other flavors out at their site, here.

Aside from my taste buds,  Halloween is just around the corner.   The on-going issue of child slavery and chocolate is still very real.  I read about it over at Rage against the Minivan over a year ago and was appalled.  Needless to say,  I am very excited to see more and more fair trade candy options.  I  love this helpful post, again, over at Rage Against the Minivan, on how to do Halloween candy ethically - she has a list of great options.

Last year,  we bought a huge bag of Yummy Earth Vit C lollipops and used them for Halloween and then all year long as a special little treat for the boys here and there.   They are by far the boys' favorite lollipops.

If you shop at the same Target as me, you might want to go and get a bag of these Bark Thins before I clean them out. :)  If you missed last week's Fair Friday Find - be sure to check it out, especially if you like to listen to music.  And be sure to watch for my upcoming Fair Friday Finds - I have some exciting fair trade things to share about in the next few weeks!

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