Fair Friday Finds: Lotion

My recent Shopping with a Conscience blog post had a lot of traffic, and I am so encouraged by the fact that there are many of us who care about where we purchase from.

It seems as though new fair trade, local and or ethical finds are popping into view all the time lately, A new-to-me find was this lotion:

A fellow Noonday ambassador mentioned it on our community page a couple of weeks ago and I recognized it right away.  I had seen it tons of times in our local Super Target and had no clue that there is a beautiful story behind it, let alone that it's fair trade!

It's full of lovely ingredients that you can feel good about, smells wonderfully and I love it on my skin.

They have quite a selection of Shea Moisture products at our local Target, but I also looked them up online and discovered that they have a plethora of products.  Their story and the causes they are behind and give to are worth reading about.  Check them out and shop here.  
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