Finding Little Moments of Peace

As mamas of little ones, it's important to have little moments to ourselves... to recharge, to be reminded of who we are, who we want to be, and to remember our first Love.

Time is sparse, I know.  That's why I say they need to be little moments.  Maybe someday those little moments will get bigger but that's not important now.  We can't all be getting up at 4am (like my friend Amy does) to beat the kiddo's wake up call and find some time to ourselves.  So we have to get creative and keep low expectations, in my opinion.

When I became a mama, and my journaling went from 1-2 pages per entry, per day, to NADA, it was hard for me.  Writing is how I process, how I pray and how I most naturally communicate.  I kept trying to figure out how to get it back into my life like it had been.   5 plus years later, I am journaling again, but not like I was pre-kids.  And it's okay.  It's good.  It's different now because I am different.

I started by journaling a quick prayer here and here.  Sometimes the prayer was as short as this:  God, help me to receive your peace and be peace in what feels like chaos.  Or, God, help me see you today.

It looked funny to have 5 entries on one page of my journal (and sometimes they all said the same thing!) but I let the "looks funny disappointment" go, and let the "it's not how it used to be" go and let myself be okay with it looking like my real life on the pages of my journal.  I started to believe that God heard me when I only had a short sentence of prayer and let myself receive the abundant grace I had so often read about, wrote about and and talked about in the past.  And those little prayers, those little moments offered up?  Though they be little, they have made a lasting difference.  I believe they multiply when it comes to the heart.

Sometimes we just need a short walk around the block.  Sometimes, it's a short trip to the grocery store to roam the aisles and get $1 coffee like I did at my local Fresh Market this past weekend.
There's something about the way the store is organized (and not my job to organize) that refreshes me.  I believe we can meet Jesus in these little alone moments.  

You might need to get up earlier, (even just 10-15 min at first) and find a designated spot to meet with Him one-on-one.  You don't have to break open the concordance and your in-depth studies and make sure you have all of your colored pencils in tow.  Just call on Him, talk to Him and open His word and ask Him to open your heart before the chaos of the day begins.  It might mean you have to go to bed a little earlier (and even miss some of your favorite shows or catch up time online) but in the end, wouldn't you trade a year of frazzled mama face (and mind and heart) for more little moments that bring lasting peace amidst the chaos?   

I love my SheReadsTruth app and the studies I have access to through them.  They have depth and they are not too lengthy -perfect for anyone short on time and especially for tired mamas of littles. You can use the app or have daily study emails sent your inbox.  Seriously - can it be much easier than that?    I also love Ann Voskamp's freebies over at A Holy Experience.  She has cute, free printable memory verses that you can print off and display.  You could use these to focus on a verse, pray the verse and even memorize it.  Both of these tools have been so helpful for me in the mornings.

If you find yourself tired and frazzled today, know you are not alone.  Millions of mamas can relate. It is normal, yes.  We KNOW and we get it.  But know that you can make room for a little moment today and that it might make just the difference you need.  Find a few minutes and few words to call out to the one who loves you and wants to fill your heart, mind, and soul, today.

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