Date week!

Those of us with little people know how hard it can be to, well, do just about a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. that isn't directly related to our little ones and their daily needs; am I right?
We are fortunate to have a great community of friends and neighbors, but none of our family lives within an hour drive, so childcare can be hard to find and get expensive very quickly.  Last week, the hubster and I miraculously got out on, not one, but 3 dates!?  It was so much fun.  It felt a little crazy to us, who are happy to have an occasional outing while spending most "date nights" over a scoop of ice-cream on the couch while we catch up on life after the kids are in bed...
But getting out so many times last week reminded me of being a "kid" reminded me that I can indeed go out with my husband and relax, have fun and not worry about or talk about the kids the whole time. It was a good, much-needed reminder.  If you are in a place where catching up and having a conversation over ice-cream or a good drink after the kids are in bed is all that's manageable, then do it with gratitude.  Those moments are gifts indeed.  If you can occasionally manage finding childcare you trust, do it... it's worth it and it's important for us married with littles' to show our spouses that they are worth the effort, worth the time and cost, and that our fuss and worry over our kids doesn't trump that all the time.
If you can barely even find time to sit and connect after the kids are down, at least sit down yourself for a few minutes and just think about some of the things you love and appreciate about your spouse...or memories that make you laugh...and then tell your spouse about those things face to face or in a letter.  By the way, when you do get out, my advice is: don't forget to take pictures together!  We need these reminders of our time with our spouses!  Who cares if you have to take silly selfies or ask someone random to take a picture for you - it's worth it.  Your kids will probably someday want to see those pictures as well and know that their parents enjoyed each other and had fun together, right?  Record the everyday gifts - it really can be a way to choose gratitude.
Between me having cracked the screen on my iPhone twice this month, us going out 3 times and needing a babysitter each time, and the other big thing we are currently saving all of our money for (our adoption), we probably won't be going anywhere date-wise anytime soon...but I am thankful that I get to still date this man through all of life's seasons and for how he still makes me laugh, still opens my doors, fights for me and reminds me who I am in the best ways.

Fleetwood Mac concert

Watching Les Miserables at our church, Grace Church.  It was amazing.
If you are local - you can still go!  Get tix here
date night silly selfies

At the Palladium for a reception and to see the National Acrobats of China

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