Everyday Gifts - kindergarten drop off

I've already shared this on FB and IG, but it's worth recording here, because noticing the everyday gifts isn't easy.  It takes work and practice and it is a skill.  I know I miss so many gifts in given day and forget the ones that I don't miss,  more often than I would like to admit.

This morning, I dropped my little ninja off at school.  It's becoming quite routine now.  It doesn't feel like a stab in the heart like it did the first day, or the first week.  It does however, still (everyday) feel like part of my heart jumps out of our vanmobile when my ninja does.

This morning there was another little car rider waiting to walk in with my boy.  And that moment was God's grace.    And I almost forgot it the next moment when I barely missed hitting the car in front of me while trying to get out of the car line...

Notice the everyday gifts, friends.  Say thank you.  Record them.  Choose gratitude no matter what surrounds those gifts and moments of grace.

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