Fair Friday Finds: Kantha Quilted Throw Blankets

Hello all,  and happy Friday.  I am so ready for the weekend; how about you?  Today,  I am spotlighting my all-time favorite blankie.  My kantha throw bought for me by the hubster.  Did you all read my last Fair Friday Find by the way -where the hubster (my non-social-media husband) contributed some thoughts of his own?  The free shipping code is still good there, by the way.  Okay, back on track and back to my kantha throw.
It is so cozy.

Kantha quilts are made from recycled saris, and hand stitched.  The kantha stitch is what gives the quilts their wavy,  textured quality (meaning cozy).  They are beautiful, unique and seriously soft.  I spend most mornings with my kantha throw blanket, my bible, a cup of coffee and my journal.  It is the most important part of my day.

Over at Connected, you will find a multitude of fair trade items to shop for.  The Kantha quilts are just one section and can be bought as bedding, as large patchwork quilts, as throws and even as baby blankets.  Aren't these gorgeous?  They make great house updates as well as gifts.  I love how no two are alike and how they come with history and the knowledge that we were made to be connected to those much further than our own backyard.


baby quilt

baby quilt

It's fair trade link up time again!  This may be obvious but the link-up is new.  So spread the word! The more linking up we have, the more others have a chance to learn about fair trade, shop fairly and become aware of what is out there.