Timo turns 3

brand new burrito-gnome
timo-bear turns one

2 and ready to fly

first day of being 3.  all worn out after a morning at the museum.

He's 3 today.  He came into the world strong.  Loud and kicking to be precise.  The first nurse he met called him a bruiser.  For good or bad, he's held true to that name.  He loves hard, runs hard, plays hard and gives most things all he's got.  He also loves all things art, all things music, all things sweet to eat, and a good snuggle.

I'm sure that I will never get used to the speed and movement of time as it relates to my babies.  How are my babies no longer babies anymore?  

This one brings us all so much joy.  Happy Birthday, Timothy Milo.  Sarang-hey, our Timo-bear.
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