Pining for Spring and a giveaway

Today, I find myself ready to be rid of winter in every possible way.  We are so close to spring, but the winter has been so long that it's hard to remember what it feels like to go out without bundling up, or remember that my feet can exist without dry cracks and frozen toes.  I am done with the battle of bundling little ones and fighting car seat buckles and winter coats (it's a real battle, people).   My winter weather app tells me winter isn't leaving anytime soon and I want to remain in a constant state of grumpiness over it.  But Thankfulness reminds me that she gives strength to persevere when the seasons in life (whatever kind they are) start to feel long,  and that she is a much better tool for transitioning well into a new season.

Here are a few of the things I am thankful for that only long, cold, midwestern winters can bring...
my little penguins

hot cocoa is the best after being in the snow!

We also wouldn't play indoor family games as much if it weren't for the cold.  Have you heard of Dancing Eggs?  It's a German game originally, so of course,  I love it.  No really,  I haven't laughed as hard as I have the 3 times we have played this game as a family in ages.  It's so much fun and so silly and so great for families and people of all ages.  I think there can be enough seriousness and heaviness in a day to turn all of us into dark clouds if we allow it, am I right?  Instead, just imagine you and some of your family members or friends trying to run around a table while holding rubber eggs in your armpits or in-between your knees, or both.  Exactly.  It's even better in person, I promise.  I highly recommend it if you and your family could use a little more laughter and a lot less seriousness.
my husband is such a sport for letting me post this -and this captures one of
the things i fell in love with about him in the beginning: his ability to be
silly and laugh and make me laugh. 

In the spirit of bringing color into the final stretch of this season,  I thought I would add a give-away to this post.  Noonday Collection launched their spring line last week and it's my favorite line yet.  I love so many of the pieces and the fact that we have gone from partnering with artisans in 10 countries to partnering with artisans in 13 countries.  If you haven't browsed the Lookbook online or read about some of our new artisan partners, like Fatima from Afghanistan,  I would encourage you to do so.  There are incredibly good things happening as a result of this business. Enter below for a chance to win a pair of these golden Leather Leaf Earrings!

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