Fair Friday Find: Sovereign Sandals

There's nothing better than a good pair of sandals in the summer. And good goes to a whole new level with a pair of these California-style flip-flops.  I am so excited to introduce you to Sovereign Sandals for today's Fair Friday Find!  

These flip flops were born with the mission to create a better sandal, and provide a better life to girls rescued from sex trafficking.  Each artisan pair is compassionately handmade, utilizing the highest quality, locally-sourced materials.  I personally love how these are easy, comfortable and come in fun colors.

Here are some shots of my dear friend Ashley, wearing her Sovereign Sandals and pairing them with some Noonday pieces for the perfect casual summer look. Isn't she just lovely? Sidenote: this girl's friendship has been such a gift to me for the last 5 years.  She radiates hope, courage, authenticity and true beauty.  Her everyday basics come to life with the ethical accessories she's added.
Ashley is wearing Noonday Collection's Jalia Ombre Necklace and Kinfolk Bag with her
Sovereign Blue Sovereign Sandals

Noonday Collection's Cascading Embria Necklace goes perfectly with
any color of Sovereign Sandals!

A sobering reminder that I have written about before: Human-trafficking at home and abroad is  horrific and it is real.  It is the world's fastest growing criminal enterprise, and an estimated $32 billion per year global industry.  This is yet another reason why shopping consciously is so important. These sandals are not just another pair of flip-flops, they are like building blocks and help to build safe homes for girls who have been rescued from sex-trafficking. Our purchases cast a vote for the kind of world we want to live in and they impact real lives and future generations. 

Sovereign Sandals just launched a big summer sale.  Don't miss out! Be sure to check out their website, learn more about their missionshop and share with your friends!


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What a cute outfit!