It Takes a Village

It is taking a village to go to Rwanda.

Yesterday, I was almost in a heap of tears, thinking about and thanking God for his provision in and beyond the details for this trip.

People have committed to pray: people I expected to and people I didn't expect to.  Each of the mamas in my Real Moms small group is taking a day to pray so that our entire trip will be covered in prayer.  I kind of made them do it invited them to do it, but who cares.  My dear freighbor (friend+neighbor) just texted me yesterday to ask if she could watch my boys on some of the days I will be gone to help us out.  Did I mention she has boys of her own to care for?  Or that my boys are not quiet and calm by any measure?  Seriously, who does that?  Amazing freighbors, apparently.  I have had other friends offer the same.  And did I mention that every penny and more that was needed for fundraising was raised in just a little over a month by an incredible group of friends and family?  Though we are no strangers to fundraising,  it still amazes me to watch God provide through a village.  It's fitting that he would do things that way.   I am still getting messages from friends near and far asking if they can give and how they can commit to also pray for my trip, for the team I will be on, and for the Rwandan women we are going to be with.  There's a village behind our little family.  And there's a village behind this vision of training and encouraging women leaders in Rwanda.  There are villages coming together on this because the people in them believe "that we are connected and meant to be connected because of Him."

With every added year of parenting, I believe the saying that "it takes a village to raise a child," in greater measure.  But honestly, does it ever really stop taking a village to walk through any season or role in life?

At church this past Sunday, our pastor read this quote:

"The greatest moments in life are the miraculous moments when human impotence and divine omnipotence intersect."  
-Mark Batterson, The Circle Maker

I love that.  I would add that it takes a village to keep moving towards moments like that.

Who is in your village?  Who do you need to invite in?  Who do you need to open up to and ask for help from? Who do you need to open up to and honestly tell them how scared you are?  Are you still waiting for a phantom perfect village, instead of trusting God with what he has already given you? What seemingly big or crazy things would you say yes to if you were willing to invite others in and ask for help?

Villages are fluid.  They are changing and moving and becoming.  They are not perfect.  Sometimes, they are awkward.  Messy.  They are full of faithful people and people brave enough to be honest about their own weakness.  They also show up and offer strength.  They are beautiful and they bring us to Jesus.  They teach us that we are truly LOVED.

"A story is never about one person.  It has a full cast of characters, connected by blood or love or jealousy."  
-Shauna Niequest, Savor
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