Everyday Gifts 3/11/16

A few Everyday Gifts that I am pausing to record and say thanks for today:

1. This sweet bunny arrived in the mail for our sweet E, for Easter.  My MIL has the gift of gift-giving.  Seriously, everything she gifts is double wrapped in thoughtfulness and love.  The way she has included and celebrated our E, before we even knew she was a little "she" and "our E," has blessed our hearts SO much.  Her love has been like a balm of support in a time full of unknowns.  So, this is actually two things in one - the gift of my MIL's heart and how well she loves everyone in her life, and this cute bunny.
 E's new bunny, named Mini Fleur and made by blabla kids is hand-knit
by Peruvian artisans
 who have been knitting for generations.  blabla kids is committed to 
fair trade and inspiring joy-check them out!!
2.  Our boys.  They add so much to our everyday and make it easy to see that we are living an adventure, even in the mundane.  They also fight a lot and they can turn anything into a race or competition.  It can be really hard for me if I am completely honest.  However, the other day, I watched Asher pat Timo on the back and encourage him as he was drawing something, and then heard Timo say "Thank you, I love you, Asher," in response.  It wasn't because I told them to and they didn't even know I was watching and listening.  This might be commonplace with your kiddos but it is a gift and answered prayer for me and mine and I am so grateful!

3.  The freeing practice of saying NO.  When we say yes, we say no to something else. When we say no, we say yes to something else.  I recently ended my time as a Noonday ambassador and while there was a season to say yes to that specific role, it was clear to me that now it's time to say no, so I can say yes to other things.  Regardless, I love Noonday and did say yes to these earrings, made with love, in Haiti...


4.  Neighbors who are friends. "Freighbors"  who have seen my house and my hair and my kiddos at their worst and still love me.  And Freighbor kiddos are the best. I am so grateful for how God went above and beyond what I asked him for in this gift.

What gifts will you take time to notice today?  I would LOVE to hear yours in the comments.  There's something powerful about sharing and recording what we are thankful for...so don't be shy.  When we share with each other, we help one another notice.