For Little E, While We Wait

While we wait for a court date and live in the realm of the unknown, we still have so much to be present in right here.  I am grateful for that, and this week, I have been asking God to help me stay present and awake to what surrounds me.  I am working on continually entrusting the details, the unknowns and the things I cannot control (which is pretty much everything) when it comes to our family and our little girl who is 14 hours away and more, to God.

Here are a couple of fun and tangible things we have been doing since our referral and turning in all of our acceptance documents:

1.  Watching Little Pim Korean videos (they come in a lot of other languages too)  as a family activity and using it to talk about little E's reality and home right now.

We've loved watching our boys dive in and love on their little sister in this way, whether they know it or not.  Adoption has been so great to walk through as a family.  One of the main things we continue to get asked about with our adoption is about how our boys are doing with it.  To answer that question...our oldest is excited and has been praying for a little sister for some time now.  In many ways, adoption isn't new to him.  Our church and church community have lent us a lot of glimpses into families who have adopted and issues surrounding adoption, and he's been hearing about it ever since he was much smaller. He also loves all things Korean and learning about our Korean heritage as a family. Our younger son, now our middle little, varies day to day on how he responds to E joining us through adoption.  Some days he says he doesn't want another sibling, for fear of the change and the fear of sharing his toys.  Other days, he talks about how he will defend his little sister if anyone is mean to her.  Watch out, people.  Both of our boys are processing and dealing with the unknown along with us.  We are proud of them and think little E will have the best big brothers any little girl could have.  We also think they are quite blessed to have her and that she will add something beautiful and new to their lives that only she can add.

2.  Making a care package for our little E.

The boys have loved this because it's tangible.  I found some great ideas on this lovely blog: hellobee.  We basically copied most of the good ideas we found there (thank you, hellobee!).  Of course, it's so hard to know if things will fit or how they will be received, but even so, it's been a good thing to do and having tangible things for her has helped us.  I have been praying over these items, which are just things, but things that have prompted some very specific prayers.  Here's what little E's part of our international care package looks like so far (we will also be including some chocolates and other little gifts for her foster family) ...
The soft My Family and Friends book will be filled with pictures of us so that she can see our faces, her room and a glimpse of where she will live, the Jellycat plush bunny to snuggle (we may also have another one to bring with us to help connect the dots in anyway we can), a few snacks, Under The Same Moon recordable book (the readers in our family will take turns recording our voices reading pages so that she can hear us), and the B. Hellophone where we can record a short phrase for her, and a little outfit...

Can I just take a minute here to say that I am going to need a huge measure of self-control when it comes to little girl clothes!?  I mean, little boy clothes can be super cute, but the world of little girl things is just a whole new ball game for me.  I have never been more thankful that I kept the mini Louis Vuitton purse that my fashion-minded, fashion-consultant mama gave me as a little girl.

E is going to out-style our whole family...

What a village of people she already has in her life on both sides of the globe!
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